10 Questions on Bosch Dishwashers

I love Bosch dishwashers. I mean that. I really love ’em. They look great, are made well and I rarely ever have a customer complain about them post-sale.

They are also extremely flexible from a price-perspective, with dishwasher models in the $500’s that can fit into the tightest of budgets, to the 800 Plus Series models that are comfortable in trophy kitchens. Bosch has an offering for EVERYONE.

As I am constantly fielding queries about Bosch dishwashers here are some of the more common questions I receive about them. The process of buying a dishwasher isn’t as streamlined as it once was and with all the info and opinions brought forth by the Web, that leads to more confusion. Hopefully this helps. Read the following Q & A and if you have additional questions send them in maytag dishwasher repair los angeles.

Q. Why Are My Dishes Still Wet When the Cycle is Over?

A. You have to use Jet Dry to get a Bosch (or other European dishwasher) to perform at its max capacity.

No Jet-Dry means wet dishes folks.

Q. I’m on a budget and only have about $600 max to spend. Can I still get a Bosch or should I be focused on a “landlord special” from Frigidaire?

A. No need for the landlord special!!! You need to check out Bosch’s Ascenta Evolution series. This is Bosch’s introductory line which has very mild price points. Go with black or white. They are all NSF certified to eliminate 99% of bacteria and are still relatively quiet at around 50-53 decibels.

Q. I only buy American. Show me a GE.

A. Bosch is owned by a German conglomerate but the majority of their dishwashers are made in the US, so you are supporting US workers when you buy a Bosch. German Engineering + American Manufacturing Muscle = Killer Combo!

Q. Bosch makes too many dishwashers…800 series, 500 series, Integra, Evolution..I’m confused.

A. Focus on the sweet spot – that’s the Bosch 500 Series, specifically the Integra line. The SHX45 or SHX68 are beasts and you can get into them for less than a grand…if you’re doing business with the right dealer.

The bring it all – Energy Star certification, quiet, hidden controls…yum.

Q. I want a third rack for cutlery silverware. This means I need to buy a Miele, correct?

A. Nope. Bosch offers the third rack in their 800 Plus series. But remember – you need to snap each piece of silverware in. No throwing pieces in there and letting the dw run.

Q. I want an 18″ dw in stainless. Does Bosch make one?

A. Yes they do but you have to order a stainless panel kit separately.

Q. Are Bosch dishwashers prone to repair?

A. Listen, no brand is perfect. Bosch will have its share of hiccups as will everyone else. I can tell you that they are probably more reliable than most and most importantly when they do have a noted problem (as when they had their dishwasher recall a few years ago), Bosch was very proactive in protecting consumers and remedying the problem.

Q. Nothing grosses me out more than a kitchen covered in stainless steel. Can I panel my Bosch dishwasher so it matches my cabinets?

A. Yes you can. Look for Integra models that start with the prefix “SHV” or “SRV” if you’re looking for an 18″ dishwasher.

Q. How many different handle options does Bosch offer?

A. Technically two, but I’m going to say three…the original curved handle, a tubular handle that matches the SubZero classic handle, and you can use your own handle if you are buying an SHV model.

Q. What does Consumer Reports think of Bosch dishwashers?

A. They dig ’em. Last time I checked, 2 of the top 3 rated dishwashers in CR were made by Bosch.

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